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Lido Smart City is an infrastructure project by PT. Lido Nirwana Parahyangan (LNP) which is the subsidiary of PT. MNC Land TBK (KPIG). Lido Smart City is proposed as “The Pride Of Indonesia” because Lido Smart City will be the first smart city that has ever built in Indonesia. Lido Smart City is a destination for work, live and play. In the area itself, there will be World Class Resorts, Golf Club, World Class Theme Park, Smart Residential Area, World Class Circuit, Central Business District Area, Universities and many more. Lido Smart City is located at Lido, Bogor, West Java with the total area of 3000 hectare.


PT. Lido Nirwana Parahyangan (LNP) as the subsidiary company of PT. MNC Land TBK (KPIG) has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) of Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) and a consultation agreement with PT Indako Finance & Development to support the development of smart city infrastructure in Lido, Bogor. As the consultant of Lido Smart City, PT. Indako Finance & Development also assist Lido Smart City by referencing Project Investors, Construction Company that are well – experienced in building Smart City, IT Infrastructure and  Technological expertise to develop the system in Lido Smart City and other fields as well.


PT. Indako Finance & Development is partnering with PT. Posco Engineering & Construction (Posco E&C), PT. Posco ICT, Korean Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA), Korea Information System (KIS) and Korean Telkom Indonesia (KTI) to develop and maximize the development and the construction of Lido Smart City.